Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Australia - The X Factor 2010 winner

The X Factor 2010 winner announcement made last night and I didn’t make it to watch it live on TV.

Altiyan Childs has been crowned the undisputable winner of The X Factor 2010. It’s a touching moment and feels happy for him. Finally his dream now comes true.

He used to be a forklift driver who formed his first band at age 12. He almost gave up on his dreams of becoming a musician after years of defeat. Now at age 35, he is on stage again and can’t wait to see what this once-in-a-lifetime performer will do next!

I like the song "Somewhere in the World", a winner's single and it is my first time paying to download a song. You can get it at www.bandit.fm/xfactor .

Well, also congrats to Sally Chatfield and I love it when she sang that song. Hope you guys will enjoy it!